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South American Party Spirit
Meet the Cocalero
The Cocalero is a traditional Coca Leaf farmer. The Cocaleros of Bolivia and Peru have been cultivating the Coca Leaf for centuries; this unique and important crop has been at the centre of Andean Culture since the 6th century A.D. and to this day is an integral part of the local diet and culture.
It all starts in the Andes
The highest quality coca leaves are grown in the valleys and upper jungle regions of the Andes Mountains in South America. Each year there are 3 separate harvests, the most plentiful being just after the rainy season in March, however given the Ecuadorial climate and fertile soil there is a second harvest in late June and a final harvest at the end October.

After the leaves are harvested they are dried, packed up in bails and shipped to a state of the art distillery where science takes over from nature.
Boutique Production Process
In order to extract the delicate flavor of the coca leaf we use a specialized steam distillation process, this is a costly process pioneered by the perfume industry. The final distillate is then blended to our proprietary recipe of 17 botanicals that include Guarana, Ginseng and Juniper berries.






Get the Party Started
Cocalero is a unique infusion of the highest quality botanicals that will add a new dimension to your night out. We recommend you enjoy it as an ice cold shot, however our distinctive flavours open up a whole new range of cocktail and mixed drink options.
Discover Cocalero Mixology
Drinking Cocalero
Signature Serves

Cocalero’s complex flavor profile makes it a perfect chilled shot and as a base spirit for a wide range of cocktails.


The best way to experience Cocalero for the first time is as an ice cold shot, after that the only boundary is your imagination.  Scroll down to see a selection of our recommended cocktails.


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  • CocaBomb

    Using our Cocabomb glass fill the lower chamber with your favourite energy drink and the top chamber with chilled Cocalero.

  • Cocarinha

    Muddle 6 wedges of fresh lime, add 50ml of Cocalero, fill glass with crushed ice, stir and serve

  • Andean Mojito

    Muddle 4 fresh lime wedges with a handful of mint, add 50ml Cocalero, fill glass with crushed ice, stir and top with soda water.

  • Amazon Margarita

    30ml Cocalero, 30ml Premium Tequila, 40ml fresh lime juice shaken and served on the rocks or straight up.

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