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We Made a Horror Movie!

Every company likes to do some kind of team building retreat, often filled with embarrassing ice breakers and awkward communication games. Anyone for interdepartmental Twister? or drinking until the interns throw up? We of course like to do things a little differently… Watch Thread’s Dead on YouTube Watch Thread’s Dead on QQ   Why we made […]

Chinese car giant Geely Automotive launched their corporate holding group website today. Another Thread special, it’s not food and beverage but it is our bread and butter!

ALDI Launches in China

Today, the official launch of ALDI in China is marked with a fashion show and huge media push. Over the past few years hundreds of people have been involved in the build up, and now the real business starts. As the brand takes pride of place on the front page of TMALL, subway stations get […]

Floating Designers

Curious about the claim that sensory deprivation will improve creativity (by the same logic, will fasting make you better at cooking?), our team set out to test this theory. Teaming up with the boys at Floatasian, Andreas and Theodor, we aimed to reach a new level of creativity with only water and salt – and […]

Although we would love to take credit for building a brand that just sold to a global giant – the recognition can only go to Lee, Kelley, and Michael; the owners of this successful Shanghai craft brewery. Their hard work and determination helped the business become noticed in a city where it is difficult to […]

Advice for our competitors! by our creative director, Ben Weldon It’s been a whole decade since Thread was born in Shanghai and it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable bumpy ride! With so much to learn and so few people to learn from, we’ve had to learn as we go. From the early days when Louise and I founded […]

Thread is 10 years old!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to party with us on Friday night! Ten years of branding has been quite a journey, one filled with fun, laughter, tears and the occasional party and this was one of them! Can’t believe we drank 50 liters of beer, 16 bottles of wine, and 3 bottles of tequila! Thankfully we don’t […]

Earlier this year Mercedes Me engaged us to create the branding for their new project. The Beijing development is the largest of the their newly established lifestyle brand experiences, a mammoth 5,000sqm space in the capital’s Sanlitun district marks the their first in Mainland China and follows launches in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Milan, and Munich. More than […]

Saturday night in Beijing saw the launch of one of our biggest projects, the new Mercedes Me Beijing lifestyle venue. Four Threadsters showed up with invites in hand to enjoy the show. Incredible stuff, we’ve not seen a launch event like this one for years. Right in the heart of Beijing’s Sanlittun area, this huge […]

Congratulations guys! After 2 years of success in HongMei, Fat Cow is now coming to downtown. Prepare yourself for the best burgers north of YanAn. Our brand concept of a rich cow, a play on fat cats, uses a combination of US dollar bills and the Chinese 100 Yuan note to create a unique identity […]

Itching for a bite of creativity? Swing by Harry’s Kitchen at K11 for a fix. Head over with a friend or your family to bake some goodies and whip up some beautiful creations made of cakes, cookies, cupcakes or cake-pops. Oh and if you haven’t heard of an ice-cream cone cupcake, try baking and then decorating one […]

Following the launch of the Mercedes Me venues in both Hamburg and Milan, Mercedes-Benz opened it’s third store this year in Tokyo, at Haneda Airport. With Moscow and Hong Kong just about to open, the Beijing venue will be the largest in the world.  Aimed at a new younger generation of potential customers, The Me venues are an integral […]

After four great years at Tomorrow, formally know as Rewir, Christina joins us here at Thread. Christina brings a wealth of branding, design and client management experience. Originally from Canada, a self confessed cycling addict, pushing for that extra mile to get the syrup has never been a problem. Welcome aboard Christina, we hope you become addicted […]

There has been much gossip about what this year’s team photo would be, well, wait no longer, it’s here! This year we bring out the corporate America box sets for some super suiting sharp shooting festive drama! A massive thank you to all our clients and partners that have supported us in 2015, we’re looking […]

At Thread, we love to play and be creative. Our new playground? Pizza Express restaurant in Could Nine and Wu Jiao Chang! With thousands of mini plastic Vespas, we played for hours and recreated the well known Pizza Express logo. Because it wasn’t enough for us, we also used another bigger wall to expand our creativity. […]


What happens when you give five Threadsters some paint, a blank brick wall, and an art deco inspired sketch? Magic! Thread’s recent project, a 1920’s style cafe in the heart of Shanghai, needed hand-crafted artwork in time for their soft opening. Along with all of the branding, signage, take away containers, and tiled art, Thread […]


Want more? Whether it’s your company’s annual networking event, a friend’s housewarming party, or just a casual night unwinding at the pub; for professionals, business cards are a customary form of social currency. The next time you hand out your card, just remember, your business card is a direct reflection of who you are and […]