HSBC Golf Website

The Brief

For the annual HSBC Golf Championships, we were asked to design a unique, cohesive, and responsive international platform to unite golf fans all over the globe.

Our Solution

We brought the excitement of the game to the mobile screen for thousands of fans as they tuned in to watch HSBC’S 2014 Golf Championship; After extensive wire framing and planning, we produced a sleek website that enhancing the experience through a Wordpress powered multisite installation; both CSS3 responsive and delivered to a high security specification.
我们为成千上万观看HSPC 2014年高尔夫锦标赛的球迷,将现场比赛的兴奋刺激带到移动设备的萤幕上;在严谨规划后,我们创设出现代感十足且能增进体验的网站,以Wordpress平台为基础,用CSS3强化安全性。


Wordpress powered multisite installation. CSS3 responsive. Delivered to a high security specification.