Truth Beauty, Freedom and Money- Art After Social Media Era- aims to interpret how different fields, cultures and media can co-exist, and how technology, science and aesthetics can better integrate with concurrent social process by put forwarding 26 sets of new media art works from 28 artists worldwide. Attempting to identify and locate different aesthetic senses within the sphere of culture and technology, it intends to generate public resonance through the exploration of everyday life, fashion, trends and collective consciousness.

That this project takes place in K11 Art Shopping Mall, located in one of the busiest area in Shanghai, further frees Arts from its priviledge position and exhibition space and allows viewers to be able to discover and explore these art works in a more relaxed way. By encouraging the public to connect their own daily life experiences with works will this exhibition make it more possible to be a process of mutual exploration and letting-happen among the curator, the artist and the public.

Time: 5/25-7/28, 10:00-22:00

Place: K11 Art Shopping Mall, 300 Huaihai Zong Road, Shanghai

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