Creating a brand experience for Beijing’s next generation of Mercedes owners right in the heart of Beijing’s Sanlitun area



This huge new development hosts a Mercedes showroom, exhibition space, retail area, and most importantly three food and beverage outlets. Thread developed the overall retail brand concept, plus 3 F&B outlets within the space.



First, ME CAFÉ is inspired by our target market’s aspirations, we choose road trips of South East Asia, generally the first international trip most Chinese take. The logo and menu designs combine a number of elements of road travel, Mercedes style.




What would a cocktail bar look like if it was made by Mercedes? We think the mixology would be bacon of tastes and experiences for our young customers. What could be more suitable than calling this Lighthaus?




If Mercedes made Sichuan food, would it be spicy? What would the branding look like?



Inspired by the water flow of the mountains of Sichuan, we think of the clouds that rain on the hilltops, that flow into the rivers where the fish await the wok! Our logotype and photography follow this story.





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