Shanghai Mamas

The Brief

Shanghai Mamas is the number 1 community platform connecting international and local families in Shanghai.

Their challenge: while preserving their main assets -users, important contents and functionality-, they wanted us to design and build a new digital platform which would be far more intuitive and easy to maintain than the previous one, as well as to design a visual identity which could reflect the personality of their community.

Our Solution

The creation of a new visual identity which reprensents their core values - the support, friendship and interconnectivity of the families in Shanghai - together with a range of colors and illustrations for each of their services: private forums, groups, blogs, classifieds, articles, profiles and users interactions.


Additionnally, we built the digital platform which offers their community members the user-friendly tools they need to interact, optimized for all screen sizes and devices and their website admin easy systems to moderate users and contents, which don't require the volunteers working on the webiste to be any tech-savvy.