Launching the new Element Fresh menu

In the past few months, we’ve been working side by side with Element Fresh on their rebranding project, which includes the roll-out of their all-new menu. 

Element Fresh Menu 2021

All Day Menu

We are thrilled to see the project come to life and being launched in all Element Fresh stores today. Please take a peek into the process and effort that went in to crafting the new design.

The all-new menu in store.

During the photoshoot

Testing shot during the photoshoot

The team went into great detail in lighting and arranging the plate, all to make sure each and every dish comes to life with the deliciousness they deserve. 

Testing shot during the photoshoot

Positioning the plate in the shoot

Final Shot

Before taking each shot, we preplanned the position of each dish and tested lighting.

Practising the hand guesture for the shot

For this candid shot, many test shots we had so that the dressing poured perfectly.

The final shot

Drink Menu

During the photoshoot

Final Shot

For the juice shot, we even built a small stage so that the background could have a sense of depth.

Lastly, if you ever wondered how the design file looks like

Grid based layout from InDesign

Our Art Director Jennifer, who led this project from beginning to the end, said this about the new menu.

所有的事情都会留下痕迹,经历会在我们身上留下独有的印记,你吃过的饭、走过的路、看过的书、爱过的人,这些都会在你身上体现,交叠组成独特的你-新元素。 Everything that happens to you will leave a mark of some kind, those unique mark up make who we are. Those paths you travelled, the books you read and the people you loved, will all leave a print on you and make you unique as it is - just like the new Element Fresh.

There is much more exciting dishes in the new Element Fresh menu, check it out from today it in any of the Element Fresh store!

Final Shot

Final Shot

Final Shot

The Final Result