By: Adam Thurland, Partner and Strategy Director   I recently discovered that my iphone could be used as a magnifying glass by changing a couple of settings, it got me thinking, I’ve spent all this money, what other benefits does it have. As a stakeholder in a company that is looking to enter China, you […]

ALDI Stores Open!

Get the RMB29 ALDI sparkling wine ready, ALDI open’s its first two (yes two) retail stores in China today! It’s an especially exciting day for us as we’ve had to keep it secret since our first project behind closed doors back in 2016. After choosing their Chinese name and putting the pieces of local brand […]

Thread Newsletter – May Edition Over the last years, China’s E-Commerce Festivals have been dominating news with jaw dropping headlines and this year was no different with record sales of $30.8 Billion in sales on Singles Day. Even though it’s the biggest and most well-known invented shopping festival on the planet, with 81% of Chinese […]

Thread Newsletter – April Edition More than a decade ago in Shanghai, your typical vegetarian options were probably a sad cheese sandwich, an over-priced bowl of lettuce with carrots and tomatoes, or a plain bowl of noodles. A vegan meal? It was almost impossible to get your hands on a decent one, but today – […]

Thread Newsletter – Chinese New Year Edition   Read the full newsletter here and catch our top 10 new years predictions Catch up on past newsletters Busy? Read our digest of this month’s F&B Insights and Trends on Sustainability  How China’s Vegetarian/Vegan Market is changing and why it matters Don’t miss another edition by signing […]

We’re looking for our next generation of Account Managers and Directors; specifically ambitious, sharp and outgoing individuals with a strong background in account management. You’ll need to be fluent in English and Chinese and have at least 1 and 8 years previous experience working in an agency respectively. We’re a small team, and whether you’re […]

Thread Newsletter – October Edition Within this past year we’ve been riddled with coffee news. Starbucks opened their infamous Shanghai Starbucks Roastery in December, announced plans to double stores to 6,000 outlets by 2022, and began offering delivery last month. Luckin Coffee, the latest in tech unicorn startup, opened up 500+ stores within six months and threatened to […]

Thread Newsletter – September Edition If you haven’t heard already, China is the world’s largest beer market by volume at 45.7 billion litres and they’ll likely hold on to that title for a while. Interestingly enough, sales volume of beer has been declining for the last 4 years because consumers are choosing to drink less, but they’re […]

Thread Newsletter – August Edition We’re kicking off our first Thread newsletter, not about design, but rather focusing on an important topic, sustainability. Concerns around plastic consumption, offsetting CO2 production and developing sustainable food sources have been stories we’ve seen in increasing amounts. Distributing food without plastic is a challenge globally, as of January 1 […]

More so than in any other industry, most food & beverage start-up businesses are created out of pure passion (a love of food in general, a famous family dish that deserves wider recognition, a vision to change peoples eating habits etc.), and most F&B entrepreneurs – whether consciously or not – have an intrinsic set […]

    It happened by chance, our office going plastic free for a week, but it brought about some interesting and positive changes to the office. The trigger for all of this began a couple weeks ago when our Account Manager Fion shared a story about The Final Straw, a collapsible reusable straw that fits […]

By: Adam Thurland, Director of Strategy at Thread Design     “Eating healthy is more essential these days” is the consensus amongst participants according to recent Thread insights. Great news for imported food brands in China? It turns out that it’s not that simple… It’s no secret that the availability and ability to purchase imported food products in […]

Soymilk is a staple in every Chinese family’s breakfast. Growing up, children have memories watching mom’s and grandmom’s painstakingly soak soybeans, hand grind them, and drain out the bits. Nothing like a glass of soymilk, made fresh. But with today’s generation living a busy lifestyle, this tradition of making your own soymilk is fading. Why […]

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We Made a Horror Movie!

Every company likes to do some kind of team building retreat, often filled with embarrassing ice breakers and awkward communication games. Anyone for interdepartmental Twister? or drinking until the interns throw up? We of course like to do things a little differently… Watch Thread’s Dead on YouTube Watch Thread’s Dead on QQ   Why we made […]

Chinese car giant Geely Automotive launched their corporate holding group website today. Another Thread special, it’s not food and beverage but it is our bread and butter!

ALDI Launches in China

Today, the official launch of ALDI in China is marked with a fashion show and huge media push. Over the past few years hundreds of people have been involved in the build up, and now the real business starts. As the brand takes pride of place on the front page of TMALL, subway stations get […]

Floating Designers

Curious about the claim that sensory deprivation will improve creativity (by the same logic, will fasting make you better at cooking?), our team set out to test this theory. Teaming up with the boys at Floatasian, Andreas and Theodor, we aimed to reach a new level of creativity with only water and salt – and […]