Passionate and fascinated by brand challenges, there are two fundamentals to the way we work; to add value, and to be coherent.

If we’re not adding value to our clients and their projects then there is no satisfaction to the work that we do. 

Secondly, if the brand experiences we create are not coherent, they don’t fit together or sing in harmony, then we have not given those brands the best chance to succeed.

Our specialisms: Food & Beverage / Retail / Education / Automotive / Corporate

Brand Strategy

Our strategic framework allows us to work together from industry research & consumer insights. We can help refine and strengthen the individual aspects of your current business through the use of workshops and proven consulting tools.

– Brand identity systems
– Verbal branding and naming
– Brand collateral and content creation
– Design applications

Brand Experience

With our clients as key members of the project team, we use a collaborative approach that to create highly immersive brand experiences. We help articulate your brand to your consumers in a language they understand.

– Environmental design
– Digital design
– Marketing Services
– Internal communications
– Packaging and point of sale
– Signage and way-finding

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Our Leadership

Ben Weldon

CEO and Creative Director

Ben moved to China and co-founded Thread in 2006, he has had every role within an agency. Now taking the role of CEO, Ben shares his 20 years of industry knowledge with the team.

He builds, leads and shares the vision; he is ultimately responsible that every project is as successful as possible. While still providing the daily creative direction, he’s constantly looking for exciting new projects to work on.

Outside of Thread, He is an avid traveller and board member for the Entrepreneurs Organisation

Justine Lefebvre

Managing Director

Entrepreneurship as a state of mind, Justine's curiosity for how companies work is never satiated. Passionate about creative since childhood, she is on a mission to join enable both disciplines to work hand in hand.

Graduating from a double masters in business and marketing, she turned her sights on Asia, leaving Belgium to go on building sales and communications strategies in Japan, China and Indonesia. She brings a methodical perspective to every project she works on, carefully assessing each business path to determine optimal solutions and well as creative the space for our team the space to unroll them.

When not organizing the world Justine is under the sea scuba diving with Manta rays or learning traditional Batik from old ladies.

Christina Tse


Christina was once caught eating a security guard's leftover noodles at 4am, and there ended her life of crime.

Where there is hunger there is determination, and with this spirit and a decade of experience, Christina has proven herself to deliver on projects and have clients coming back for more. In her back pocket, she’s got a stream of time plans, budgets, processes and experience to pull from to ensure a bump in the project is nothing more than that.

When Christina’s not dreaming about food or clients, she’s spinning around mountains on her bike at speeds half of 56 km.

Eva Liu

Associate Creative Director

They say it was hot in Beijing until Eva got there, now it’s ice cool.

Eva’s effortless style brings our client’s ideas to life. A brand is not just a logo it’s an entire landscape of visual design and experiences, and it’s these elements that she conjures up for our clients.

When not creating master pieces for Thread, Eva teaches her husband how to look cool.

Monica Zhou


Monica has been with Thread longer than Ben. Now that's a long story.

Monica is the glue that keeps the office together and keeps our piggy bank from cracking.

When not being the original Threadster, she's just being original.

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