Where are these F&B risk takers now!

What happened in the year of the Ox, who found success, and who won some awards in this crazy food and beverage industry?!

We’re going to look at how our favourite brands have been doing in the year of the Ox: what they’ve done and how they’ve done it! We promise they are not ranked by success or favourites =)

Our big takeaway from the list below (spoiler alert) are centered around those who have innovated, taken risks and made brave changes. China has always rewarded business that are agile, and with enormous cultural (and f&b) shifts, this year has been exceptional.

We can’t wait to discover what everyone’s plans are for the year of the tiger, now without further ado, let’s jump into our big fat list of the year!

Shanghai Design Awards
Newsletter Armada

Bravo to Bonica, Mezcaleria, La Barra, El Paisa

If you’re reading this in Shanghai you’ll know that growth in the food and beverage scene has most benefited to those who offer experiences as part of their concept. Taking a huge leap of faith, the Armada crew has had the nerves of steel to open not one, but four venues, at the same time!
The multicultural and multidisciplinary team has worked relentlessly on concepts, menus, interior, and engagement – and the sweat has paid off; they’ve received two awards within just a few months of opening. Find them here!

Shanghai Design Awards
Newsletter Cages

Cages have been upping their game

You may remember a few weeks ago we published an article asking you to guess the brand? Well know you know. After six years of success, they have spent the past year upgrading every aspect of their brand in the build up to their second store. From logo to copywriting, health and safety signage to game design, interior to uniform. With their second store is ready to go, it’s GAME ON for Cages! Have a preview here.

Shanghai Design Awards
Decathlon Brand Strategy

Decathlon brings you happiness

Tied in with a global rebrand, Decathlon has gone through a massive transformation in a category and market that is rapidly changing.

Understanding their need to be more consumer focused and the growing concerns toward health, they have tailored their overall experience for the China market, starting with their messaging.

Shanghai Design Awards

Bring on the Beast of the East!

From startup to best craft beer of the year within such a short space of time; what an incredible journey! This year Beast of the East took a risk to bring on a heavy weight brewmaster, putting their money where their mouth is and seriously investing in a quality product. Cherry on the cake? Having their own Beast of the East Social House.

Shanghai Design Awards
Newsletter Pho

Pho Store embraces its true self

As the scene for Vietnamese chains is starting to get crowded in Shanghai, Pho Store has been wondering how to best show their uniqueness. Their rich heritage unlike any other carried some of the answers, but really it was about doing their own thing and represent who they are now – cosmopolite individuals on a quest for the best Pho.
After 5 years of perfecting their product and a second and third location in the malls, the rebrand, new interior concepts and perfected menu shall open doors with many more to follow.

Shanghai Design Awards
Newsletter 5

Boxing Cat has more punches to throw

Boxing Cat have continued to innovate thought 2021, winning World Beer awards for their specialty beers.
A great example of keeping innovation as part of their product range, not just flavours but creating unique back stories for marketing, point of sale and merchandising.

Shanghai Design Awards
Newsletter Aldi2

ALDI China expanding, in many ways

Not only when it comes to stores coverage (though they’ve past 20 this year), but also with many innovations when it comes to integrated OtoO experience, showing the example in matters sustainability and bonding tighter with their communities.
Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed, with several awards collected throughout the year. More on ALDI in this story.

What’s in store for you this year?

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