Homeslice Pizza ad campaign as reimagined by Artificial Intelligence

What does AI mean for creativity in your branding.

Homeslice has joined the AI party

Inspired by artificial intelligence art from midjourney and dall e, we used wombo dream to reimagine our advertising campagin for homeslice. below are the results.

What if you only had to design something once?

What are the potential uses for an AI design tool that allows users to scan in simple sketches, set a few parameters, and have a library of pre-built UI components generate a prototype in line with a firm design system? Utilizing hand-drawn wireframe sketches as a starting point, Airbnb is already producing design components with production-ready code. This is accomplished using machine learning and AI with computer vision. Additionally, designers must perform time-consuming daily activities like translating the same visuals into several languages and localizing products.

See the AI results...

“as a Chinese silk painting, vintage

“as a bus stop advert in Paris

“as a propaganda poster with attitude

“as and advert on the side of a bus

“as a horror movie poster

“as a 8 bit video game

“as a Lego movie poster

“made our of wool

“as a cartoon

“as street art in New York

What might this mean for photo mockups?

We also asked AI to imagine the tastiest looking fried chicken it could imagine! Aside from the chicken head, it’s a pretty damn good attempt.


Fun rethinking of campaigns aside

There are some interesting cases out there where the position of a designer has already been replaced by an AI system. For example the machine that created millions of different packaging designs for Nutella. The packaging was generated by an AI program using data from a database of dozens of patterns and colors to produce seven million distinct iterations that have been displayed across the front of jars in Italy. In less than a month, all seven million jars had been sold.


What can AI do for your brand?