Innovative Branding and Packaging Design Agency Transforms DELI China's Art Supplies into Must-Have Accessories for University Students

DELI China partners with a us as lead branding and packaging design agency to redefine the art supplies industry

DELI China, one of the world’s largest and most recognized stationery and art supplies companies, has taken a bold step in the ever-evolving world of creative tools. Teaming up with a top-notch branding and packaging design agency, they have unveiled a groundbreaking range of art products that seamlessly blend artistic utility with chic aesthetics. This unique approach aims to captivate the hearts of university-age students, where art meets style.

The collaboration between DELI China and the branding and packaging design agency was driven by a vision to transform conventional art supplies into must-have accessories that would appeal to university students. With much great inspiration in the global market, for example 99 designs and pinterest packaging design boards, we embarked on a journey to create and define the brand’s identity, crafting a unique brand positioning and packaging design strategy that would bridge the gap between the world of art and style.


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Our collaboration marks a remarkable fusion of art, design, and style, making art supplies not just tools but also fashion statements.

From concept to execution, we took inspiration from the realms of makeup and men’s grooming, where visually appealing packaging and sleek design are paramount. Pretty far away from our beer packaging 🙂 this approach involved infusing a sense of style and self-expression into the world of art supplies, creating products that are not just functional but also fashion-forward.

The reimagined art products include a range of vibrant and stylish sketchbooks, trendy marker sets, and artist-quality brushes, all designed to resemble high-end cosmetics and grooming products. Each item in the collection boasts elegant packaging, reflecting a commitment to both creativity and fashion.

We also led the direction for both online and offline marketing efforts, ensuring a seamless and compelling presentation of the products for Tmall and their own distribution channels.


Offline marketing strategies have included pop-up stores on university campuses and art schools, our direction ensures that the entire consumer experience, from the first glimpse of the products to the final purchase, aligns with the brand’s stylish yet artistic essence.

The innovative art product range made it’s debut in June 2023 and will be available through both DELI China’s retail outlets and its online store. 

DELI China and its creative partners have undoubtedly ushered in a new era of artistic expression, and as the products hit the market, it will be fascinating to see how students embrace this unique blend of art and style in their creative journeys.