Innovative Packaging Solution to provide Art Supplies for the next Generations

DELI partners with us as lead branding and packaging design agency to redefine the art supplies industry

Deli – the largest stationery and arts supplies  manufacturer worldwide -, we helped them create a packaging system that could carry their [gigantic] range of paints, pencils, brushes, and everything in between. Aimed at art students and hobbyist, the new brand stands out by borrowing the codes of cosmetics and chocolate branding. 

In collaborating with a branding and packaging design agency, Deli’s vision was driven by a necessity to transform the conventional art supplies into tools that felt more approachable to the university students and younger hobbyist. Unwilling to lead on the standards of their industry commonly found on for example 99 designs and pinterest packaging design boards, we embarked together on a journey to craft a unique brand positioning centered on enjoying the journey of creation and packaging design strategy that would feel more familiar to their audience, getting inspired by the packaging of other products they frequently use and enjoy.

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The packaging elevate the art supplies from the tools their education requires into objects that would support the students in feeling confident and they would enjoy carrying around.

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From concept to execution, we took inspiration from the realms of makeup and sweet delicacies (mhhh chocolate), which are designs that are both closer to the target audience and convey a premium, expert feeling. Pretty far away from our beer packaging 🙂 this approach involved infusing a sense of style and self-expression into the world of art supplies, creating products that are not just functional for their education but also can feel like an ally in building the founding stone of an artistic career nowadays.

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The reimagined art products include a range of vibrant painting tools (gouache, acrylic, water colors, you name it), trendiest colors marker sets, and other artist-quality brushes, all designed to resemble high-end consumer products. 

Having this distinctive identity was another asset when it came to shooting products into compelling thumbnails for their online sales platforms.

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Offline marketing strategies have included pop-up in popular art stores near university campuses and art schools, our direction ensures that the entire consumer experience, from the first glimpse of the products to the final purchase, aligns with the brand’s stylish yet artistic essence.

The innovative art product range made its debut in June 2023 and will be available through both DELI China’s retail outlets and its online store. 

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