Do you remember Polaroid camera? Prior to the invention of Polaroid in 1948, people had to spend several days processing film before they could view their photographes. Polaroid allowed people to see the photos immediately. What a great invention!

Yet with the recent growth of digital photography and the subsequent decline of the traditional film market, Polaroid was forced to announce that it would close its last production plant in 2008. Two Polaroid lovers and the former Polaroid employees initiated the “Impossible Project’ to save this plant and keep producing materials for Polaroid cameras. Their passion for Polaroid and instant film production make the Impossible possible.

In 2013, Impossible Project introduced another innovative gadget to the photography world, the Impossible Instant Lab. Functioning as a real camera, Instant Lab can transform any digital image into a real, on-of-a-kind analog instant photo via iPhone or iPod touch. A fantastic product bridging the gap between the worlds of digital and analog.

Thread is happy to announce that we have become the creative partner of the Impossible Project in China and are working on the design and development of their Chinese E-commerce website. Are you interested in what they are doing and their products? Keep following our blog.

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