Itching for a bite of creativity? Swing by Harry’s Kitchen at K11 for a fix.

Head over with a friend or your family to bake some goodies and whip up some beautiful creations made of cakes, cookies, cupcakes or cake-pops. Oh and if you haven’t heard of an ice-cream cone cupcake, try baking and then decorating one of those!

Originally creating the brand in 2011 with just Harry the gingerbread man, his friends and family have now grown to keep you company.

“Growing the number of brand characters will allow us to create a move diverse and engaging set of educational content.”

There’s his lovely girl friend, Clarie, and Lloyd the day dreaming bear. You’ll have to watch out for Jake, he’s a sly little fox who loves getting in trouble, especially around Luis the rabbit. Under  the watchful eyes of Grandma and Grandpa, everyone’s learning, creating and sharing the love through the art of baking.



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