Xin Tian Di – Signage Design and Production

The Refinery, the most popular location in Xin Tian Di, Shanghai, is proud to announce the unveiling of its new signage design, a collaborative effort with us!

The Refinery’s  long term partnership with us has brought a new restaurant visual identity to its venue in Xin Tian Di. The signage is just part of a much larger rebranding – case study soon! The design reflects the Refinery’s desire to be even more refined to welcome their faithful customer base – and some more. 

The logo at the foundation for the signage required for flexibility, we actually use it in 7 different ways throughout the space. 

Although it’s commonly believed that a brand should be consistent, when it comes to a restaurant brand – especially one that harks back to an older era, using the logo in different ways can feel like the brand has been there a long time. The Refinery’s new signage by Thread is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to quality and innovation, adding a different touch of elegance to Xin Tian Di’s bustling streets.

The Refinery

Address: China, CN 上海市 黄浦区 太仓路 181 181弄10~12号01A 邮政编码: 200021

Phone: +86 21 6301 2022

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