Get the RMB29 ALDI sparkling wine ready, ALDI open’s its first two (yes two) retail stores in China today! It’s an especially exciting day for us as we’ve had to keep it secret since our first project behind closed doors back in 2016.

After choosing their Chinese name and putting the pieces of local brand guidance in place, we helped with their launch in 2017 when they introduced products on Tmall’s international marketplace, the cross border platform ALDI Tmall and we’ve been helping them ever since.

The new ALDI stores will be in Jing’an and Minhang districts.

静安体育中心店 | Jing An Sports Centre Store

静安区江宁路428号1楼 | /F, 428 Jiangning Road, Jing’an District

古美生活广场店 | Gumei Shopping Center 

闵行区龙茗路1300号1楼 | 1/F, 1300 Longming Road, Minhang District


If you can’t make it today, don’t worry, they’re going to be here for a while to come.

ALDI China is somewhat different to it’s European counterparts, not least because they are not going to be able to come into the market and offer cheaper products than the local wet markets and supermarkets. However they can offer higher quality products at lower prices and it’s this unique position that they are communicating to customers through various channels. Products are a combination of imported, Chinese brands and new exclusive brands that have been developed specifically for the market. Hangzhou beer anyone?

Like their key competitors, the new stores are O2O and back again, scan products and have them delivered to your home, or just grab and go. Every product in store will have a detailed description page too, a huge departure from it’s global stores.

As our whole team has been on this one, we know the products pretty well, what are we going to buy you might ask?

Ben – Wine! The Chianti is a steal at 149!

Justine – Mushroom and Cheese Pizza Schifferl!

Christina – Oolong Tea Ice Cream, I’m a sucker for unique ice cream flavours

Kai – Expressi Coffee Machine, it’s beautiful and affordable

Harry – Four Pillars Shiraz gin, so I can keep adding to my ever-growing collection 😀

Una – Monsigny Champagne Brut Selection, normally champagne is so expensive, but this is actually a reasonable price!


For now, check out photos from the opening!

We're happy to see you too 袋袋!

ALDI upgrading your shopping experience with Scan and Go! See below on how it's done.

Una shopping for some Ready to Eat sandwiches, to go with her bottle of Champagne (obviously)

Scans the product code, it automatically adds to your shopping cart. When you're ready to checkout, just click 'Pay' and it's automatically deducted from your WeChat wallet. Sweet!

Jennifer munching on some freshly baked goods.

Oh hello Harry!
See you all there sometime!