Phuket’s Next Beach Club – Fira – Branding and creative direction


From restaurant naming, to logo design, marketing to interior consulting, it’s all coming together – and now in 3D! This project has been in the works for well over a year. We’re working with multiple teams, like studio HKT, to help bring this all together. Below is a few of the renders we’ve been generating […]

Celebrating Fook Wo Kwong’s Opening – a few months in the making

Fook Wo Kwong Restaurantdesign Opening Event (14)

The eagerly anticipated grand opening of Fook Wo Kwong (福和光), a prestigious Cantonese restaurant, marks a significant milestone in culinary excellence. We are thrilled to announce the successful launch (and launch of our branding) in this high-end establishment, showcasing a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity.

Xin Tian Di – Signage Design and Production

Refinery Signage Design Asia

The Refinery’s partnership with us brings a fresh visual identity to its establishment in Xin Tian Di. The new signage, while modest, reflects the essence of The Refinery’s commitment to quality dining experiences in the vibrant neighborhood.

Melitta drips for Manchester United

Coffee Packaging Design Melitta China

Official merch with authenticity stamp, a specifically crafted blend, and packaging that makes you feel like being at the heart of the Old Trafford stadium. Tmall shop the Glory blend here!

The rise of the unspiritual Machines, chatgpt and midjourney

Benjimints 2 Designers Sitting Infront Of 2 Imac In An Office 7b30721c Ed1a 4ade 8e0d 06a3f50b63bf

This week has undoubtedly been my heaviest usage of AI. Primarily chatGPT and MidJourney. I’ve written and illustrated children’s books. I’ve made 1980’s mail order catalogues, produced a gangster rap about getting a job in a bank, and have been given nightmares by combining Victorian dolls and fast food. Reading, researching and playing and I’ve come to a rather chilling conclusion.

Harry’s opens in K11 with floor to ceiling character designs

Harryskitchen Shanghai 512x384

Itching for a bite of creativity? Swing by Harry’s Kitchen at K11 for a fix. Head over with a friend or your family to bake some goodies and whip up some beautiful creations made of cakes, cookies, cupcakes or cake-pops. Oh and if you haven’t heard of an ice-cream cone cupcake, try baking and then decorating one […]