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Packaging Design



Helping Melitta launch their first localized multi-product coffee series – Single Origin Drip Coffee, Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee.

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how might you differentiate single origin coffees with a packaging system?

This was a fun project to work on over the summer, while there are plenty of ways you could do this, narrowing it down to one that works well online and offline, is flexible, can be used to create secondary brand assets, is distinctly to local taste while also supporting the German heritage of the brand? It’s a lot of boxes to tick.

Working closely with the client the chosen approach plays heavily on the concept of travel to tell the origin story.

A graphic language of tickets, passports and postcards presented in a clean European design style. Each origin has its own story, colour palette and design elements, used on the pack, but also in the supporting digital marketing.

Creating a flexible packaging design system.

For any product type

The feedback?

Tmall integration

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