Threadstars on demand scalable team

On Demand

A collaboration model right for you?

As a business owner

  • You’ve grown organically, but now you feel you need to do more marketing, though are unsure what/how?
  • Onboarding a full time brand director to lead your existing marketing team seems like an overkill?
  • Would you next challenge be how to keep your brand consistent?
  • Busy as you are, you don’t have the bandwidth to explain the brand over and over again to your teams?
  • You would love for your non-designer marketing team to have a brand toolkit they can use?

As a marketing leader

  • You have full time designers, but they lack leadership on the big creative ideas?
  • Simply put, you don’t have the bandwidth to repeat the big picture and distill into small details feedback?
  • You want to create a few campaigns a year, but have no one to generate the big ideas or bring them to life?
  • Recession’s cut your budgets for staffs/agency but your company needs marketing tools more than ever?
  • You have inherited a brand kit from global HQ, but you feel like it won’t cut it in your local market?

How can we help?

We lend you our Threadstars on demand

Scalable teams, placed in-house or remote, for a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Brand Director/Strategist

  • Consolidating your brand, cleaning up, filling in the gaps of your brand strategy/sales tools
  • Prioritizing/rationalizing your marketing efforts, focusing on what generates return
  • Gaining a sense of (marketing) direction and a solid plan to get there
  • Rationalize your resources (current/future)
Examples: Brand consulting, Brand strategy, Sales tools, Marketing plan, Agile insights and Audits.

*Starts from a fifth of the cost of an inhouse Strategy Director

Virtual Creative Director

  • Agency level of creative plugging into your ideas and brainstorms
  • Directing, managing, empowering your design teams
  • Challenging the (creative) status quo
  • Turning your brand into a consistent, high return asset for your company

Examples: Ad Hoc Brainstorming, Creative Workshops, Creative Team training, Brand Enhancement to standards and Industry Insights

*Starts from a fifth of the cost of an inhouse Creative Director

Designer / Art Director

  • Creating all the applications you need without having to predefine the exact specs
  • Blending in with the team – while being self-managed & proactive
  • Managing changing priorities (e.g. towards opening), with minimal PM time on your end
  • Being on brand and pragmatic, always
  • Lowered feedback time + direct communication = better result

Examples: Brand toolkit creation, Opening support, Monthly design support, Ready to print/launch applications, Team training.

*Up to four times cheaper than regular project model

How does it work practically?

Want us to help for a big push or a just for a little bit over a longer period of time?

Simple as 1 – 2 – 3

More about the Threadstars

Some background on our award winning creatives

As times have changed, we’ve come to realize that the project model can only serves so many cases.

A lot of companies (yours?) need more agile creative, which fits within their teams and ops, with flexible and transparent costing.

This is why we have launched Threadstars on demand scalable team – an alternative way of working together.

For the past 17 years, we have completed almost a thousand projects, from rebrands, to packaging and promotions. Not including the uncountable number of big and small out of the box challenges.

Remaining independent, we are very agile, finding the right solutions for you and implementing them swiftly.
Ultimately, this is also how we keep our passion alive.

Check out how we've integrated some of the teams
we've worked with over the years