Where are they now!

What happened in the year of the Ox, who found success, and who won some awards?! We’re going to look at how our favourite brands have been doing in the year of the Ox: what they’ve done and how they’ve done it! We promise they are not ranked by success or favourites =) Our big […]

Launching the new Element Fresh menu

Element Fresh Menu 2021

Over the past few months, we’ve been working side by side with Element Fresh on their rebranding project, which includes the roll-out of their all-new menu. We are thrilled to see the project come to life.

Wishing you merry very surreal Christmas 2020

Trying very hard not to sum up the year as there is still a few days to go, anything could happen! Let’s focus on Christmas, if you’re new to Thread Christmas cards, this is a tradition as old as time it’s self, maybe older. 2010 some say. Some of our inspiration… Want to know more […]

Can you measure the ways branding raises profits?

  “Why should I spend money on branding not marketing?” A conversation that comes up often while we’re talking to clients (especially in China), how can we quantify value for money? Is it worth it? And it’s a great question to be asking. If your product or service is not unique, there is no doubt […]

11 lessons for getting more work for less money from your agency!

After spending five years working in UK agencies and 15 years running my own in China, I’ve seen how some clients get amazing deals, how others waste budgets and agencies take advantage.  I’ve pitched with many partners and against countless competitors, I know their tricks and shortcomings too.  As clients are cutting budgets, yet need […]

 Shanghai’s F&B – What’s the secret sauce?

 Since we’ve all had to stop and catch our breath, I’d like to reflect on a few of the non virus battles. Who’s restaurant survived the last decade? And of those who will survive the virus? Not many, not many at all. Having worked on hundreds of restaurant brands over the years, I’m always staggered […]

Let’s talk about Pitching!(Part 1)

  What is pitching? Agency Pitching is one route clients take when selecting a partner. This is when a client shares the same creative brief with a select number of agencies, who then turn around to hash away at the problem and then pitch their idea or solution to them. Typically agencies don’t get paid […]

Behind Thread Scenes with Christina Tse, Strategist

We’re at it again! When we sit down with one of our Threadsters to pick their brains and get to know them a bit better.  What’s your name? Christina… never Christine or Tina!   What was your nickname as a kid? Funny enough, my first ever nickname was in elementary school and has no meaning […]

2019 Round Up: Top 3 Best F&B rebranding

By Harry Peng, Design Director   Here we are again, a round up of F&B rebrands in China for the year, this time my three best for 2019. If you missed my earlier article, on the top three worst, you can read it here. Without further ado, here are my three favs from last year! […]