Let’s talk about Pitching!(Part 1)

  What is pitching? Agency Pitching is one route clients take when selecting a partner. This is when a client shares the same creative brief with a select number of agencies, who then turn around to hash away at the problem and then pitch their idea or solution to them. Typically agencies don’t get paid […]

Behind Thread Scenes with Christina Tse, Strategist

We’re at it again! When we sit down with one of our Threadsters to pick their brains and get to know them a bit better.  What’s your name? Christina… never Christine or Tina!   What was your nickname as a kid? Funny enough, my first ever nickname was in elementary school and has no meaning […]

2019 Round Up: Top 3 Best F&B rebranding

By Harry Peng, Design Director   Here we are again, a round up of F&B rebrands in China for the year, this time my three best for 2019. If you missed my earlier article, on the top three worst, you can read it here. Without further ado, here are my three favs from last year! […]

2019 Christmas Card: The Making Of

  Every year, we embark on a new adventure for our Christmas Card. No theme is ever the same or even near it! For 2019, that meant heading into a new decade and of course an even more major change. So with that in mind… here’s a peak into the minds of our creatives at […]

Our Surreal Christmas Cards History

2019Cyberpunk 2077 2018The Diner 2017Jurassic Jones 2016Disney Princesses! 2015The Box Set 2014Shanghai Gangsters 2013Ralph Lauren 2012Penguins? 2011Choir Christmas 2010Classic Christmas This is the one that started it all! I think we spent about an hour on it…  and it’s got bigger ever since!


    By Eva Liu, Art Director   A Brand Book acts as the core and soul of a company, bearing the brand’s mission, outlook and values. However, in most cases, brands did their Brand Books before they even needed half of those applications. In such cases, assumptions about applications would often come with impractical […]

Why all the love for product cross overs and collaborations?

  Especially from the Gen Z’s and Y’s? Well if ya think about it, traditional brands can easily come off a bit boring, safe and stale. Yet on the other side, you’ve got a young fresh brand that has the ability to surprise and fuel social media-worthy content. When done well, a collaboration will help […]

Behind Thread Scenes with Justine Lefebvre, Managing Partner

  As part of our Behind Thread Scenes series, we’re sitting down with Justine, Managing Partner, to chat about what it’s like managing an agency, how times have changed in China and what it means to be a leader. If you ever want to swing by the office and get to know her or any […]

The latest addition on our office walls

  Our version of team building? A weekend of fear-conquering, points-based challenges, all wrapped up with a themed costume BBQ cook off! Lucky for us, it was all set behind sunshine and warm weather in lush Moganshan.     Fear conquering on a 22 meter wall No one told us it was already 40 meters […]

China’s Generation Z: They’re young, entitled and have cash to burn

Thread Newsletter – August Edition It’s back to school season and as parents are nervously getting their kids, teens and young adults ready for school, we’ve turned our attention to that exact same group. Why you might ask? Well this group, called Generation Z (born between 1997 to 2016), is a force to be reckoned […]