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Eden Farm tomato juice makes you feel connected back to nature


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Eden Farm tomato juice is an organic tomato juice made from the best quality tomatoes that nature has to offer. With its natural pure flavour and nutritional benefits, Eden Farm seeks to provide customers with a daily dose of health and flavour. In this design case study, we will explore the design process behind the Eden Farm tomato juice.

The Design Process

Eden Farm sought to design a product that would not only provide customers with a great taste, but also a product that would provide customers with a connection to nature. To achieve this, Eden Farm started by researching the types of tomatoes that would be most suitable for the product. After extensive research, they decided to use only organic tomatoes from Northern China, as they believed these organic tomatoes would provide the best flavour and nutrition.

Following the determination of the tomato variety, Eden Farm began discussing packaging and branding ideas with us. They want a package style that was both contemporary and organic-feeling. In order to do this, they used a simple layout with a vibrant color scheme of green and red that, in their opinion, best reflected the natural components of the product. The minimalist branding and logo were also chosen to highlight the product’s natural components.

For the tomato juice package, a farm-to-table narrative can be developed using the farm illustration. The illustration can be utilized to create a consumer-pleasing old, rustic style. The graphic can be used to highlight the product’s organic, locally grown attributes. It can also be used to emphasize the product’s freshness and the sustainability of the farming techniques used to produce it. The graphic can help the product appear more wholesome and alluring to customers by highlighting a “farm-to-table” narrative.

Eden Farm wanted to create a product that was not only good for the body, but also good for the environment. To achieve this, they opted for recyclable packaging and sourced the ingredients from local farms. This ensured that the product was both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Results

The design process of the Eden Farm tomato juice was a success. The product was well-received by customers, who praised the natural flavour and nutritional benefits of the product. The packaging and branding design was also praised for its modern yet natural feel. Finally, the recyclable packaging and sourcing of ingredients from their farms ensured that the product was both sustainable and environmentally friendly.




Eden Farm 寻求设计的产品不仅能为客户提供美味,而且还能为客户提供与自然的联系。 为实现这一目标,Eden Farm 开始研究最适合该产品的西红柿类型。 经过大量研究,他们决定只使用来自中国北方的有机西红柿,因为他们相信这些有机西红柿会提供最好的风味和营养。

确定番茄品种后,Eden Farm 开始与我们讨论包装和品牌创意。 他们想要一种既现代又有机的包装风格。 为了做到这一点,他们使用了简单的布局和充满活力的绿色和红色配色方案,在他们看来,这种方案最能反映产品的自然成分。 还选择了极简主义品牌和徽标来突出产品的天然成分。

对于番茄汁包装,可以使用农场插图来展开从农场到餐桌的叙述。 该插图可用于创造一种消费者喜欢的古老、质朴的风格。 该图形可用于突出产品的有机、本地种植的属性。 它还可用于强调产品的新鲜度和用于生产该产品的农业技术的可持续性。 该图形可以通过突出“从农场到餐桌”的叙述来帮助产品看起来更健康、更吸引顾客。

Eden Farm 希望创造一种不仅对身体有益,而且对环境有益的产品。 为实现这一目标,他们选择了可回收包装,并从当地农场采购原料。 这确保了该产品既可持续又环保。



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Trust in nature's flavours.

We hope you like this illustration of how design can be utilized to produce a good-tasting product that also helps people feel more connected to nature is Eden Farm tomato juice. The product was made to be both ecologically friendly and sustainable thanks to its sophisticated yet all-natural branding, recyclable packaging, and use of products from nearby farms. Customers who purchase Eden Farm tomato juice receive a daily does of the best that nature has to offer.



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