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La Mezcaleria






Shanghai, China

La Mezcaleria, a mezcal cocktail lounge that takes inspiration from plant medicine, street art and the spiritual energy of Oaxaca, a region of Mexico famed for its agave. In our design we wanted to show “tequila” as a drink that is respected, god-like, and to especially kept away from any cliché Mexican themes.



Creative Direction




Let us tell you the story

The Logo

The logo is inspired by a shaman headdress, half owl, half agave plant, illustrated in a way that feels psychedelic. Our hope is that different people see different things when they first see this icon.


Crafting the details in every corner

Extending the identity beyond drinks


Cocktails / Mezcal / Soft Drinks


Cocktails & Snacks

Mezcal Kits

Explore all the flavours

Mezcal Booklet

Discover the legend of Mezcal

Mezcal booklet

La Mezcaleria

Read more about how we developed this concept and our full process in this article.

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