A mix of Malaysian chic and Spanish terrace vibes.

La Barra, bar and club branding and design, Shanghai China.





Shanghai, China

Take a stroll through our latest brand concept.

Introducing La Barra, a Spanish/Malaysian inside/outside terrace bar in the center of Shanghai. A concept inspired by batik prints, tropical birds mixed together with the blues of cobalt pottery and Mediterranean seas.


Creative Direction




Let us tell you the story

The Logo

A simple signature script with a bird. As a nod, we handcrafted and modernized our own batik patterns and graphics for La Barra’s visual identity. Look close enough and you’ll not only see (beautiful) flowers and foliage, but also its (representative) bird, from the founder’s home town, watching over you and ensuring big smiles as you’re partying the night away. 

Labarra Portfoilo 04

Crafting the details in every corner

The Menu

Bringing a brand to life...

...is all in the details

Armada Pre Opening Shoot 32
Armada Pre Opening Shoot 34
Armada Pre Opening Shoot 29

Extending the identity beyond drinks.

Batik Coasters

Luxurious Paper

A Feathered Crest

Floral Touches

Armada July Menu 106
Armada Pre Opening Shoot 35

We’d love to be able to create a project like La Barra with your company. It’s been an incredible project to work on with multiple teams to bring it to life. 

Check it out if you haven’t already! Find them via Smart Shanghai or just head to Jing’an District, Shanghai, 1/F, Bldg. 5, AUNN, No. 60, Lane 273 Jiaozhou Lu, near Yanping Lu.


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