Smart Eatery

Global food service giants, Sodexo hand a brand challenge...


Visual Identity




How might we keep a corporate food court on brand, across multiple locations and a variety of customers needs​



Creative Direction




Whatever the challenge

No matter if we are creating a solution for a tech giant or fashion brand, the smart eatery branding remains felexible for our clients.​

Business Focused

Not only are we designing a brand, but we’re building a sales tool, allowing teams to take our designs and bring in the business.

We started by challenging the assumptions of what consumers and stakeholders expect from a brand.

Smart Eatery, a concept developed by Sodexo need taking to the next level, we took their existing design assets and built on top. Starting with strategy, and moving through each stage of the process systematically. Redesigning the logo was an important step to align the teams along the way.

Defining the sub brands…

Each of the sub brands required mooboards, interiors, mockups, applications marketing

In this example, we look at just one, Steamed.

Turning brands into a set of ideas that can be duplicated

A cool logo and some mock up is not enough, concepts need a lot more details to come to life.

Defining the details...

Detailed guidelines

Rolling out multiple brands is challenging for teams, a key part of our deliverable to to create detailed guideline documentations that covers design, marketing and technical specifications.

Technical specifications

From interior designers to signage manufactures, we cover all areas of spec so the partners can do their job and keep everything on brand without additional stress to management.

We’d love to be able to create a project like this one for Sodexo, but with your company. If you’d like us to be part of your team, and create something incredible, get in touch.