Yonghe King, Caring & ‘going the extra mile’


How we find the best vehicle to amplify brand positioning


Promotional Cup Design

Did you know Yonghe King grind their soy milk Fresh Every 4 hours?



…Neither did their customers!

What a great message,  That’s where we came in and we did a bit of digging. We surveyed consumers and chatted with store managers. Flipped through their wechat posts. Sat in their restaurants for hours just listening to people’s conversations and how they interacted with staff. Looked at their communications in and out of stores, checked out their take away containers. One thing was clear, they were losing out on prime real estate! Their take away cups had cluttered and off-branded messages, so we thought, how could we better use this space?

In a series of workshops, we co-created with Yonghe King to reestablish their key message for their soymilk and identify the best way to communicate this through design on their take away cups.


Introducing a new logo and look and feel for the soymilk brand requires consideration – what elements do you take from the existing logo?


How do we minimize any disconnect that customers may have when seeing the new design?


How do we make it fresh and modern for such a traditional product? What do we want people to feel when they see it?

And finally, just for fun, the character development and storytelling of the brand’s most famous Taiwanese couple, Youtiao and Soybean, for their first appearance on the New Year festival cup.

Concept 1 1 Updated

We use the most ‘authentic’ product to deliver an authentic message,Give the product it’s own identity to evoke a sense of origin instead of telling people ‘you go the extra mile’, show it.  We then applied an authentic visual style to the in-store menu, that transported people into the street markets and homes of Taiwan

Menu Concept and Creation

Yhk 01


Menu Screen Design China Template


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