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Saturday night in Beijing saw the launch of one of our biggest projects, the new Mercedes Me Beijing lifestyle venue. Four Threadsters showed up with invites in hand to enjoy the show. Incredible stuff, we’ve not seen a launch event like this one for years. Right in the heart of Beijing’s Sanlittun area, this huge […]

Congratulations guys! After 2 years of success in HongMei, Fat Cow is now coming to downtown. Prepare yourself for the best burgers north of YanAn. Our brand concept of a rich cow, a play on fat cats, uses a combination of US dollar bills and the Chinese 100 Yuan note to create a unique identity […]

Itching for a bite of creativity? Swing by Harry’s Kitchen at K11 for a fix. Head over with a friend or your family to bake some goodies and whip up some beautiful creations made of cakes, cookies, cupcakes or cake-pops. Oh and if you haven’t heard of an ice-cream cone cupcake, try baking and then decorating one […]

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