For this year’s Christmas card, all bets were off– Shanghai’s most dangerous crew was at it again, spreading Christmas fear.. Sorry boys and girls…Santa was a little tied up this year… For a bigger image click here Check out the Facebook feedback here


WGC-HSBC Champipons, known as ‘Asia Major’, has exploded into the world’s top ten events. The tournament is scheduled for 6-9 November at the Sheshan Golf Club in Shanghai, China. We are proud of being their creative partner who designs and develops their responsive official website. The main design idea is to create a simple, clear […]

What happens when you put 6 awesome designers, 20 black permanent markers, 1 projector, and 3 liters of beer together in one room? When Thread is involved, you get a six square meter marker mural of a fancy cow. Scroll below for a sneak peek, then visit Fat Cow on Hongmei Lu to see our […]

Do you remember Polaroid camera? Prior to the invention of Polaroid in 1948, people had to spend several days processing film before they could view their photographes. Polaroid allowed people to see the photos immediately. What a great invention! Yet with the recent growth of digital photography and the subsequent decline of the traditional film […]

Interested in challenging how many words you can read in one minute? Boston-based company Spritz developed a new APP, a kind of rapid serial visual presentation to enhance reading speed, that allows people to read fast. The most unique feature Spritz does is to manipulate the format of the words to line them up with people’s eyes […]


This is a project which provides a platform for designers to explore the relationship between the typeface and Shanghai by creating a .gif animation file. You can see all the works on the official website. On stage 2, some of the words will be shown on the LED screen of Bundstar Media in Pudong (the […]


Over 150 world famous design brands will be presented in this exhibition, and about 90% have never been seen before in China. The main themes are Contemporary, Collectibles and Classic Halls; the renowned brands include: Magis, Moooi, Tom Dixon, Flos, Bd Barcelona Design, Fritz Hansen, Alessi and Boss Design. There is also a Design forum […]


Catering industry branding expert, Thread Design, now expands its business into Nanjing. Vie Chat (威雀), original name as Wecheers, was estabilised in 1995 and once to be one of the leading fashionable Western restaurants at that time. The client intended to re-brand this restaurant yet with keeping some elements of old brand, and they came […]

For this years Christmas card we put our tongues firmly in our cheeks and stepped out into the cold for an autumn/winter New England style fashion photoshoot. It’s amazing how many knits and tweeds we owned between us all. View a huge version here. Or see what our facebook fans thought of us here. Merry […]


Founded in 2000, this biannual exhibition has been successfully held for six sessions. The theme of this year’s exhibition is the ‘Aesthetics City’, primarily aiming to show how ‘Design lead to creative life’ and ‘Aesthetics construct ideal city’ during the process of urbanization. The exhibition is more interested in ‘the design with avant-garde concepts’ in order […]


In Novemeber Thread was proud to invite Sussane Zippel to come to our office to share her thoughts and observations about Chinese typography. Sussane, from Germany, works for a design agency that specializes in branding Western companies in Asia. Designers usually have problems when using Chinese typography, especially in the web design. Most of time […]

Threadsters have been busy at work this past week, creating some vintage-inspired decoration for Shanghai Brewery. Through an extensive process that involved wood, glue, acetate, sandpaper, vinegar, varnish, and tea, we’re really happy with the worn and battered look of the wood boards. Look out for these newly vintage-ified heirlooms at your local Shanghai Brewery […]


Born in Dublin, Michael Craig-Martin studied fine art at Yale University. After returning to Europe in the mid-1960s, he became one of the key figures in the first generation of British conceptual artists. In addition to being an artist, he taught at Goldsmith’s College School of Art for over 20 years where he was a […]


This 96 minute double-LP is made by the 100 copies of the first 800 pressings of Beatles’ White Album. As of the scratches and physical imperfections, all copies play slightly differently, causing the 100 layers to gradually drift out of sync over the course of each side. The gatefold cover and disc labels are composites […]


What happens when you put 6 awesome designers, 20 black permanent markers, 1 projector, and 3 liters of beer together in one room? When Thread is involved, you get a six square meter marker mural of a fancy cow. Scroll below for a sneak peek, then visit Fat Cow on Hongmei Lu to see our […]

This is the travelling exhibition organized by Museum Hilversum and Utrecht School of the Arts which brings a selection of over 40 Dutch designers to China. The goal of this project is mainly to show what triggers and enables Dutch designers to explore and research in such playful modes, resulting in the Dutch famous design […]


For better or for worse now everyone at Thread has access to the AV cord to play music. What does this mean? Everyone can be the deejay now! So feel free to swing by and check out the sweet tunes that are playing. Maybe if your lucky you’ll stop by during one of our deejay […]

Being faced with self initiated problems is something you can easily avoid – don’t create them in the first place, however that’s not really how we like to do things here at Thread. We’ve recently decided that chalkboards are not the most interesting solution for a client and that we would like to install custom […]