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  Ever wonder how someone makes their way to China and ends up building an F&B Branding Agency that works with some of the most well-known brands like ALDI, White Castle and Boxing Cat? Listen to Ben’s unique and unpaved path that got him there. Have a few other questions you’re curious about? Drop by our […]

  At Thread, we believe that it’s the people that you “work” with (both colleagues and clients) and the challenges you take on that make “work” exciting and worthwhile. We’ve put work in quotes because we also believe that if it feels like work, then you’re doing it wrong. There is a purpose to all […]

Thread Newsletter – June Edition We’re hitting the half way mark in 2019, usually around this time those who’ve made new years resolutions and then fell off the wagon are wondering if they can kick start them again or make it more realistic. To them we say, good luck! Don’t feel so bad though, sometimes […]

By: Adam Thurland, Partner and Strategy Director   I recently discovered that my iphone could be used as a magnifying glass by changing a couple of settings, it got me thinking, I’ve spent all this money, what other benefits does it have. As a stakeholder in a company that is looking to enter China, you […]

ALDI Stores Open!

Get the RMB29 ALDI sparkling wine ready, ALDI open’s its first two (yes two) retail stores in China today! It’s an especially exciting day for us as we’ve had to keep it secret since our first project behind closed doors back in 2016. After choosing their Chinese name and putting the pieces of local brand […]

More so than in any other industry, most food & beverage start-up businesses are created out of pure passion (a love of food in general, a famous family dish that deserves wider recognition, a vision to change peoples eating habits etc.), and most F&B entrepreneurs – whether consciously or not – have an intrinsic set […]

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