Homeslice Pizza ad campaign as reimagined by Artificial Intelligence

Ai Campaign

What does AI mean for creativity in your branding. We’ve been playing a lot with AI recently. Inspired by artificial intelligence art from midjourney and dall e, we used niche platform wombo dream to reimagine our advertising campaign for Homeslice.  The original campaign image Why is this intersting?! HA, Great question. What are the potential uses […]

Where are these F&B risk takers now!

Newsletter Armada

What happened in the year of the Ox, who found success, and who won some awards in this crazy food and beverage industry?! We’re going to look at how our favourite brands have been doing in the year of the Ox: what they’ve done and how they’ve done it! We promise they are not ranked […]

Launching the new Element Fresh menu

Element Fresh Menu 2021

Over the past few months, we’ve been working side by side with Element Fresh on their rebranding project, which includes the roll-out of their all-new menu. We are thrilled to see the project come to life.

Wishing you merry very surreal Christmas 2020

Thread Christimascard 2020 300dpi Backroundfixed

Trying very hard not to sum up the year as there is still a few days to go, anything could happen! Let’s focus on rebranding Christmas, if you’re new to Thread Christmas cards, this is a tradition as old as time itself, maybe older.

Can you measure the ways branding raises profits?

Throwing Money Around 512x384

  “Why should I spend money on branding not marketing?” A conversation that comes up often while we’re talking to clients (especially in China), how can we quantify value for money? Is it worth it? And it’s a great question to be asking. If your product or service is not unique, there is no doubt […]

11 lessons for getting more work for less money from your agency!

Profitable Branding

I’ve pitched with many partners and against countless competitors, I know their tricks and shortcomings too.  As clients are cutting budgets, yet need increased productivity from their agencies, I decided it would be useful to share my insights to help those that need to get more for less. In no particular order, and to save […]

Let’s talk about Pitching! (Part 3)

Benjimints A Pitch From A Branding Agency To Clients 9def3d6a Bc42 40ec A52e 129aa82667d7

What’s the most challenging part?
As the industry has taken to asking for strategy or naming as part of the pitch. These things come from teamwork and collaboration with a client, two things that are missing from a pitch set up. As such, pitching brand strategy becomes guess work. Unlike the advertising industry, there is no media spend to balance out the risk.

Let’s talk about Pitching!(Part 2)

Benjimints A Pitch From A Branding Agency To Clients 9def3d6a Bc42 40ec A52e 129aa82667d7

Do you like to pitch? of course not! Fear of the unknown is a human instinct. A pitch is typically something that takes a lot of time and effort but may not pay off. It’s really scary to be in front of so many people and tell them about our ideas.

 Shanghai’s F&B – What’s the secret sauce?

Shanghaibrewery Wall

Since we’ve all had to stop and catch our breath, I’d like to reflect on a few of the non virus battles in the restaurant industry. Who’s restaurant survived the last decade? And of those who will survive the virus? Not many, not many at all. Having worked on hundreds of restaurant brands over the […]